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What is a Turnkey Solution?

A turnkey solution is a system built for a customer that can be implemented into a business process. It is designed to fulfil the process that the customer needs, such as website design, content management or billing. On the other side, the turnkey solution provider is the one that offers the service customized for client’s needs. 

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Turnkey Solution Project Management

At 3i-Solutions Project Management practices, we build projects based on a comprehensive and long experience of planning, organizing, ensuring, managing, leading, and monitoring the resources needed. Therefore, we achieve the goals for providing “turnkey” projects.

Before we achieve a goal, the process of a project goes through a few phases; initiation, planning, and execution. Using this cycle we give the project managers the opportunity to plan every task and activity carefully to make the road to success a sure thing.

The company applies the best practices consolidated on Agile Project Management

We are an innovation-oriented, product-aware partner that strives to help you make excellent products with shorter development cycles.

We are empathic toward our customers; we look after our associates by creating a healthy work environment where the learning process never stops and inspiring projects.

Agile Project Management is a fundamental part of our software engineering process as an indicator of company efficiency and resulting success.

Our very first priority is customer satisfaction through early and continuous valuable software products based on improvements and technical excellence. It’s the way we work that differentiates us from our competitors.

For us is not just a job is a mindset that follows the principles of:

  • Lean thinking: delivering value to the customer
  • Embrace agility: highlighting the skills, aptitude, and capabilities of the team.

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