3i Solutions

Quality Assurance

3i Solutions Quality Assurance Team helps your organization with comprehensive Custom Testing solutions by applying the best Services, Analysis, Processes, and Deliverables. Partner with us and get mobile and web application testing services catered to you by our very dedicated team of talented engineers, who are familiar with your domains, processes and people.

Functional Testing

Plans and executes test cases to test your software's core functionalities.

Mobile Testing

Conducts mobile app tests to ensure adherence to quality and performance guidelines.

API/Webservices Testing

Test Web services and its Protocols like SOAP & REST, either manually or through automation.

Security Testing

Conduct Vulnerability Assessments / Application and Network Security tests to assess risks.

Automation Testing

Automate functional Tests to improve regression and increase the efficiency of testing.

UI/UX Testing

Check if your application's visual and interactive elements function as defined.