3i Solutions


BI Solutions is used in organizations to access data and analyze it to provide targeted needs. It combines business analytics, data visualization and best practices to help organizations make the right decision. 

BI Solutions Analysis and Data Warehouse

3i Solutions is able to make better-informed decisions based on intuitive and timely access to the data you care about. We address the challenges related to the data warehouse and analysis in order to improve the reporting services from enterprise or medium companies.


Defining data, reporting & analyzing needs

Define hosting solutions

BI experience and expertise architect

Data Warehouse

Use us to engineer optimal data access that is standardized for analysis, as well as flexible, scalable, and reliable.

3i Solutions services help you:

Extract tangible insights

Choose appropriate toolsets

Implement high-quality solutions

Unlock practical value


ETL Integration

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) covers operations necessary to process data and save it in a database. We are experienced in processing large volumes of data from different sources, with different format, structure and quality, commonly very inconsistent. However, it is necessary to interlink all elements in the database in a way that everything works smoothly and without stability problems.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of all necessary tools and techniques, we are qualified to process large amounts of data efficiently, in top quality.